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The 63 Most Nostalgia-Inducing '90s Toys

This was the currency in elementary school in the 90s…I REMEMBER YOU HAVING A SHIT TON OF THESE! LOL

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50 Things That Look Just Like Your Childhood

My sister broke both her wrists at the same time wearing my Fisher Price Roller Skates. Memories #RollerSkates


Magic Baby Bottles

Magic Baby Bottles: The liquid in these two baby doll bottles appears to drain as baby feeds, and then refill when the bottles are turned upright. This set includes a 5 inch milk and 4.5 inch tall juice bottle.

Childhood is incomplete without one of these. Nice toddler choking hazard now that I think about it.--90s kid

when the happy meal toys were cool. so reminds me of when my son was little (but we generally found the transformer McD's toys at the thrift store, haha - fries, burger, etc. turn into dinosaurs and things)

I don't even remember what these were called...but everyone I knew had a set, including me.

My absolute favorite game growing up. My parents prob bought me 10 of these over the course of the years because I always broke/lost the fish. :)