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    My Grandmother was an amazing cook and it was always fun to watch her in the kitchen. She never used a recipe, she would just through ingredients in and the results would be delicious. I, on the ...
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    Chai Spice Blend

    Great fresh Chevre tutorial on Makezine by my cheese-friend Stephanie.

    Nice Beer and Cheese Pairing Chart!

    Five must-try goat cheeses

    If I had a corgi I'd feed him lots of cheese... I might name him Cheese.

    Beer & Cheese Pairing Guidelines | Culture: the word on cheese

    Bay Area Bites: DIY Feta recipe

    16 Flavors of Cheese Infographic

    This pun is sort off cheesy...

    Crockpot Yogurt... Homemade yogurt is great. This sounds like a simpler method than I've used before, thanks to the crockpot.

    Making Beer-Infused Cheese - recipe!!!

    Cheese pumpkin!

    Ancient Roman Moretum (feta, leek, and herb mixture to eat with bread). Sounds good!

    Weird... but true

    har har

    Actual measurements equivalents of drop, smidgen, pinch, dash, etc.

    Cheese Wheel Infographic: How To Tell The Difference Between 66 Varieties Of Cheese

    A Playful, But Also Informative, Cheese Tray Decoration... use plastic animal figurines to denote what kind of cheeses you are serving. Maybe each animal could also carry one of those cocktail toothpicks with the flag on the end to denote cheese nationality.

    A bicycle built of cheese!

    The Tillamook Baby Loaf bus. I would totally drive this - you could put a lot of cheese in the back!

    Homemade curd harp - for cutting curd horizontally and uniformally, which is always a challenge. Wish I had the skill to make one! (from Little Green Cheese: Making You Own Curd Cutter)

    Where to get good cheese and accompaniments in San Francisco: 7 Pairings to Elevate the Way You Cheese

    Backpacker Magazine's test kitchen: best trail cheeses (pretty basic, nothing gourmet, but good to know)

    Morbier made by me!

    Cheese palate. Cool idea for cheese tasting/identification.