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    Early Cerebos Table Salt Advertising Tin Container

    A ring of salt will protect you. Of course it will!

    WABI SABI Scandinavia - Design, Art and DIY.: Beautiful slow design by Andrea Brugi

    Pesce–and many others–recommend using random password generators to create logins. That is a great idea, but it's highly unlikely that folks who use “123Password” even know what a random password generator is.

    typography in rome (photo by paul soulellis)

    I love how clean this packaging is - a peek at what's inside with each pattern being different. Love.

    Mise en page du livre "Amazing Face" de Zoé Foster, sur le maquillage. Je trouve la disposition très ludique, et l'idée d'inclure les textures et couleurs du maquillage comme fond de page donne une ambiance très fun.

    Limited edition print series from Justin Skeesuck (reproductions of vintage typewriter tins)