Bathtub desk......yes i need this.i love to write and i love my bath time alone...alot of inspiration runs through me during bathtime


Double decker hot tub with bar and tv....ummmm yes please

My dream bathtub.

These are my fave types of bathtub reading and organizing caddies! The wire ones don't protect your things - ie soggy books anyone? Tub Caddy ~ LOVE this! #relaxing #bath #useful #bathroom

Swimming pool made to look like a pond!

Vangen in hout. Repabad Genf Duo 180 links Badewanne L: 180 B: 130 H: 46 cm - 21556WE

Bathroom Makeover - A Fresh Coat I found out that clawfoot tubs became the rage in the Victorian Era. This was a time when color was used in everything – clawfoot tubs included. They would just paint the outside of the tubs, and for that reason, they are purposefully left rough so the paint can adhere.

Great ideas!

The bathtub planetarium sphere from Sega Toys let’s you do just that. Just dim or turn out the lights and stars are projected everywhere. It will even project underwater scenes, even roses all over you and the room.

30 Relaxing and Chill Wooden Bathtubs | Daily source for inspiration and fresh ideas on Architecture, Art and Design

The Bathtub Champagne Chiller This is the bucket chiller that clamps to the side of a bathtub and keeps champagne or wine on ice while you bathe. The 7"-diameter frosted acrylic bucket holds a full size champagne or wine bottle and helps keep it cold and within reach as you relax or celebrate. The chrome bracket adjusts to accommodate tub sides that are 4" to 7" thick and vinyl pads on the bracket ensure the unit won't scratch bathtubs. $49.95

Cute Idea.

What a great idea!

The dimensions of my guest bathroom exactly. Now to steal that style!