Bathtub desk......yes i need this.i love to write and i love my bath time alone...alot of inspiration runs through me during bathtime

I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!!!! OMG Bath tub caddy // On my Christmas wishlist, please! #productdesign #bath #bathroom #bathtub

What a great idea!

this is awesome.

This says Relax!

Bohemian Homes: Conservatory Bathtubs on Moon to Moon blog | Bohemian Homes | Bloglovin’

Bath tray. Brilliant. I always have a problem trying to find a place for my book, beverage and candles!


Bathroom Makeover - A Fresh Coat I found out that clawfoot tubs became the rage in the Victorian Era. This was a time when color was used in everything – clawfoot tubs included. They would just paint the outside of the tubs, and for that reason, they are purposefully left rough so the paint can adhere.

Love the bathtub

DIY tub table top. This should be the hubby's next project!!

a bath tub necessity!

industrial in the bathroom

Wine Barrel Tub - super cool

Infinity bath tub with fireplace? Yes please!

Extra hidden towel rack

Touch screen faucet. You can set the color, exact temperature and play music. - For my future master bathroom

"Warm On" - Stone shaped device that keeps your bath warm even after 30 minutes - Designers: Sunmi Hwang, Hyunjoo-Lee & Jiwon-Seok

bathtub stones that keep the water warm.

shower/tub. Its like a mini pool!