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Pothole Gardening! What a fabulous idea! Walt and I once did a guerrilla cottage garden for a friend who lived in a teeny tiny cottage with a teeny tiny yard. She came home from work one day, and had no idea how her yard had suddenly turned into a blooming oasis. Great fun!

Best idea ever! the pothole gardener' project turns london's potholes into tiny worlds full of living plants

The pothole gardener. Cute little clothes line and laundry basket.

Plenty of street art is political or otherwise confrontational in nature — but some of it exists purely to put a smile on the faces of city dwellers going about their daily routines. This, at least, seems to be the goal of Steve Wheen, an artist who goes by the handle of The Pothole Gardener. Wheen’s project is exactly what it sounds like — an endless series of miniature gardens planted in potholes and other tiny patches of earth around East London. Along with adding a splash of green or a sp...

Pothole Gardening Steve Wheen, a guerrilla gardener, uses plants and miniatures to create sanctuaries of tranquility in broken urban places. Specifically, he alters potholes in east London.

Guerilla Gardening - this one might be my favorite.

A Pothole Garden homage to Wimbledon from "The Pothole Gardener" in London

Cool - The pothole gardener (AKA the guerilla gardener) strikes again! Steve Wheen fills potholes with plants, soil and mini props...aren't they charming?

Oh to sit in this little garden... Pothole gardener at Milan Design Week Bonsai dreaming

This site has a lot of interesting mini plant arrangements. For the home or garden! :)

I ♥ Pothole Planting, not so much the vignettes. Guerrilla gardener Steve Wheen brightens up the otherwise dull surrounds of inner-city London with colourful floral displays and lively model sets that fill in the gaps in the roads and pavements and add some intrigue to pedestrians’ daily commute.