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Turtle Power!

its real. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Dicks for the win! Yeah its real Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Dicks for the win!

Soooo me lol

Funny pictures about Exercise block. Oh, and cool pics about Exercise block. Also, Exercise block.

It took me a few seconds to get this one.... hahahahahahahahahaha #flour #coke

How to store your flour…

large sugar bowl jar word Coke on side, the right way to store flour,

Sandwich Kabob Bento Lunch - Trying to get easy lunch ideas for school, love the sandwich kabob!

>Eat cake >Find toenail >Vomit >Eat rest of cake toenail free. Birthday cake >Eat >Find toenail >Vomit rest of free

white elephant gift: when life gives you lemons. make lemonade. Include lemonade recipe with all the ingredients! Totally doing this for next years Christmas White Elephant

Free Tattoo Removal- great party gag idea! Redneck - White Trash Bash: It's an excuse to BBQ with friends and get a lil' bit country! My Big Day Events, Colorado Weddings, Parties, Showers, Business & Corporate Events & More! Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor, Cheyenne, Mountains. http://www.mybigdaycompany.com #tattoo #whitetrash #redneck

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you got told by a rock! ohhhhhhh

Rock Art for the Garden: Turn Me Over / You Just Took Orders From a Rock.

Filming porn... Privacy please

A privacy hanging door sign that is a little more subversive than usual. Make them wonder what you’re really up to! Funny Door Knob Hanger Door Knob Hangers With Attitude Filming Porn, Quiet On The Set

I laughed so hard at this

When a man is in charge…

I almost cried I laughed so hard at this. I can see my dad doing this to my mom! (Some people are so funny!

How snowflake are made

how snowflakes are really made funny quotes quote winter snow lol funny quote funny quotes humor frosty

Like the wind.

lol the look on this kids face. In all seriousness though, that man should not be able to be a cop. Cops should be physically fit to some degree.

Prank Pack boxes. Gift boxes that look like horrible gifts. You put the real present inside and get a big laugh when they open the wrapping. Great idea! - Click image to find more Humor Pinterest pins

Bathe & Brew: Prank Pack fake gift boxes appear to contain ridiculous products from clueless companies. Just pack your real gift inside, sit back and revel in their half-hearted enthusiasm.