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My heart is always at the beach... I need to make one. My bodyis here but my heart in in the boot

The voice of the sea speaks to the soul. When I am having a bad day walking on the beach always makes me feel better.

Funny how the beach really is calming. Is it the breeze, the smell, the waves? I don't know, but whatever - it works.

Society6from Society6

My Happy Place (Beach) Art Print by Leah Flores

My Happy Place (Beach) So right now I am very SAD....I need to go there ASAP

"The beach is my happy place" - so true! Cannot wait to be at my happy place soon either!!!

so true sand under ya feet/between ya toes and finding that perfect patch of sand to sit and watch the ocean! signs*

I Love Beautiful Beaches: The Beach Is My Happy Place, Beach Decor, Wood Sign, Hand Painted, Distressed, White and Navy Blue, Beach Wood Sign, Coastal, Nautical