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  • Emily Ann

    Harry Potter. Twilight. Matched. In Death series. There are really quite a lot of favorite books in my life :)

  • Jillian Calahan

    Nerd Quirk #157 You want to live in the Beast's castle from Beauty and the Beast because of his library.

  • Tasha Art

    nerd quirk, So true, one of my pet peeves.

  • Megan Bate

    Nerd Quirk # 222 - Funny, but also so true.

  • Tails F

    this is to funny "When I was about nine, I tried to run away from home. I took my Harry Potter books and my bear. Later on when things had calmed down, my mom laughed at me and told me people normally take a clothes and food." I love this person.

  • Suchismita Panda

    #nerdquirk #books

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