Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart created more than 600 compositions before his death at the young age of 35. Is "The Mozart Effect" real? Does listening to Mozart's music make you smarter? FIND OUT: https://curiosity.com/video/can-classical-music-make-you-smarter-glenn-wilson-fora/?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=20150127pinmozart

THE PIANO GUYS - So this is what you do with 5 piano players but only 1 piano!! Their own rendition of One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful".

I sit playing at the piano. The room was empty and nobody bothered to ever go in. "Tell my love to wreck it all. Cut out all my ropes and let me fall." I hadn't realized anyone was there till they spoke up. ((Credit: Open RP? Be the other person?))

6 Hour of The Best Beethoven - Classical Music Piano Studying Concentration Playlist Mix by JaBig - YouTube

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