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Preacherlike, the president draws the crowd into a call-and-response. "Do you think the millionaire ought to pay more in taxes than the bus driver," he demands, "or less?" The crowd, sounding every bit like the protesters from Occupy Wall Street, roars back: "MORE!" The year was 1985. The president was Ronald Wilson Reagan.

The fact that people take this idiot seriously makes me really, really afraid for this country. He wants government so small it fits in your uterus, and he can go straight to hell. (Well said, previous pinner!)

It's always double standards with the Republicans.

Women are veterans too. Vote these horrible Republicans out!

The website doesn't work? Have you tried shutting down the government?

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice and I need to start voting for the democrats. VOTE THE LYING GOP OUT IN 2014!

Change, we need some in the house and senate. Vote out the republican road block.

STUDENTS! Get the FACTS about Obamacare at Sign up starts OCT. 1 Let's all sign up ASAP and show the GOP what real hope and change looks like! Also, they can pay smart, non-college educated people a lot less money in salary thereby keeping the middle class down so that only the wealthy will continue to do well..

That awkward moment when she realizes more than half the founding fathers owned slaves. Oh wait, she's too dense to ever realize that. ~ I love Michelle Bachmann. She entertains me exceedingly =and gives so much material for Maher, Stewart and Colbert!= db.