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I woke up as a young mother in the early 80's. I saw Senator Robert Dole on a commercial for Viagra. I had 2 young children and no insurance. It didn't matter for me-birth control wasn't covered. I did get a job that had insurance for part-time employees. This mattered and this was the Union that so many seem to think is bad for workers. Republicans and their falsehoods DISGUST me.

Activists need to be aware that leaders support this way of thinking and stop it. Is this message really "for the people" or supporting his agendas and personal belief systems? Dangerous thinking!

Question to the Narcissist, when? Or maybe since you're emotionally stunted you never developed any.

The fact that people take this idiot seriously makes me really, really afraid for this country. He wants government so small it fits in your uterus, and he can go straight to hell. (Well said, previous pinner!)

It's always double standards with the Republicans.

I know this is a stab at Republicans, but I'm not afraid to be any of these things. Describes me pretty well.

So true! LOL! ~ Erin We Leave No One Behind

Women are veterans too. Vote these horrible Republicans out!

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice and I need to start voting for the democrats. VOTE THE LYING GOP OUT IN 2014!