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  • ** FuNkyTX'n**

    Thank you, dear. I hope your evening is pleasant as well.

  • andrea

    im not sure where I have been rude but ok... and btw I have developed a great friendship with another atheist on these boards and we seem to get along just fine, so jennie must have some personal issues to deal with. thank you tx'n! have an awesome day!

  • Tom Oswald

    Jennie, not sure if rude is the right word. Although Andrea probably doesn't think so, I would say she talks in a very patronizing way.

  • J Michele

    Very well worded, Tom.

  • andrea

    Patronizing.... never been called that before. Well we all have negative personality traits to work on as we grow. Ill work on that. Have a good one.

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  • Lydia Hipolito Mariano

    Yes reading it change my mind ! It set me free from all the dogmas and tenets of my childhood religion. Those where when I was still in my ignorance stage .

  • Mattie Jenkins

    Isnt it this way with everyone? When a christian tells a homosexual their practices are wrong, the homosexual eight times out of ten gets up in their face and calls them a biggot or a homophobe. Christians do it too. Everyone does. But it doesnt make it right. As christians, we are called to love everyone, even if we dont agree with their beliefs. So, same as you will stand for what you beliwv, I will stand for what I believe, which is that homosexuality is wrong. But that doesnt mean I dont love, or dont try to love everyone.

  • Derek Piersing

    Sounds like my mother

  • Derek Piersing

    Christian bigotry is what made me start questioning my beliefs. Now I'm an atheist because I realized that there is no truth to any religion. I think that people defending their rights does not apply to the belief category. It used to be against Christian beliefs to allow slavery, now we know better. Abrahamic religions are always on the forefront of human rights oppression and I shed not a tear when people tell them they are being bigots.

  • Sandi Johnston

    Thank you for proving my point, Mattie.

Christian and Atheist points of view #religion #atheist #atheism

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  • Julia Deakyne

    That's not even talking about how life was created. If you are going to attack the bible shouldn't you at least attack the part that talk about creation instead of setting up a straw man argument? I mean pulling something out of context doesn't exactly look scientific, if that's what you are all about.

  • Jacob Villalovos

    Initial argument: people with a scientific explanation = dumb (As seen in comment above). Rebuttal: People who bake barley cake with human poop = probably a little dumb.

  • noreen scully

    I have learned in life that u cannot argue with 'idiots" and I'm afraid these bible thumpers will never pull their head out of their ass long to EVER listen to one fact of "science". It's so much more comforting for them to wave their stupid Bible around whining about "God's law"! U just can't fix "stupid" so I never bother with these imbeciles..

  • Cassidy Adams

    I'm sure it meant to say "Man was created from dust, woman from mans rib" does that sound any more intelligent?

  • Jacob Villalovos

    No. No it doesn't. Itso facto, WE DONT HAVE Y chromosomes. Women are the harbingers of life.