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    • Bethany Pinedo

      Braveheart (1995) - Masterful telling of the story of the legendary William Wallace. One of the best films ever made

    • Janelle C

      It's not historically accurate, but just one of those films that you must see. It explains why we and Hollywood put up with Mel Gibson's antics

    • Louis Remacle

      BRAVEHEART, magnifique film avec Mel Gibson Evocation de la vie tumultueuse de William Wallace, héros et symbole de l'indépendance écossaise, qui à la fin du XIIIe siècle affronta les troupes du roi d'Angleterre Edward I qui venaient d'envahir son pays. IMDB : 8.4 Allociné :4.1/5

    • Dean Markenko

      Brave Heart. i was blown away when i first saw this movie. I was asking myself, 'Mel Gibson directed this'? Come on!

    • Mary Christmas

      William Wallace, a commoner, unites the 13th Century Scots in their battle to overthrow English rule. Director: Mel Gibson

    • E. C.

      Braveheart | Enraged at the slaughter of Murron (Catherine McCormack) -- his new bride and childhood love -- legendary Scottish warrior William Wallace (Mel Gibson, who also directed the film) slays a platoon of the local English lord's soldiers. This leads the village to revolt and, eventually, the entire country to rise up against English rule. With vivid battle scenes and a heaping portion of legend, Gibson's epic won five Oscars, including Best Picture.

    • Julie Ade

      Every man dies...not every man truly lives One of my all time fav movies.

    • Cathy Penley

      Braveheart: Still my favorite movie of all time.

    • Dorte Hansen

      Brave Heart and Mel Gibson

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    I have a soft spot for historic, manly movies...I wonder why?

    Braveheart (1995): Directed by and starring Mel Gibson as William Wallace, Scottish rebel against English King Edward, Longshanks Robert Bruce commoner revolt. King Edward: "Arrows cost money. Use up the Irish. The dead cost nothing."


    Avatar (2009) movie poster cast signed by James Cameron, Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Joel Moore, Giovanni Ribisi, Michelle Rodriguez, Laz Alonso, Wes Studi, CCH Pounder, Dileep Rao, James Horner.

    One of my favorites!

    Movie -4 stars

    Schindler's List.♥

    Good Movie


    One of the best movies ever!!

    Before we predict Oscar winners, take a step back in time to see best picture winners. And the award goes to.... "Wings" (1929)

    The Anne of green gables movies are awesome! There is everything you would want in a movie in them. So great!

    One of my all time favorite books.

    "Gran Torino" (2008). Disgruntled Korean War veteran Walt Kowalski sets out to reform his neighbor, a Hmong teenager who tried to steal Kowalski's prized possession: a 1972 Gran Torino. Clint Eastwood directed and acted in this film, which is really about racism and redemption. A very engaging drama.

    The Bucket List (2007)

    Jack & Rose... *kls

    Up. I love every movie from pixar so if I don't have every pixar movie in here they are all my favorite movies.

    Toy Story 1995

    I think this is a witty movie concept

    The best movie...ever!