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This is a must-have running music mix for hip hop and rap fans. Never mind the fact that you are running through the suburbs with your spandex and whitest Nike’s: you’re a gangsta when this mix is playing in your ear buds!

A 120 min running music mix of hip-hop, house, pop & electro from DJ Little Fever.

A 64 min, Varies BPM, Rock,Pop,Hip-hop running mix by Mike Czech. #running #music #rockmyrun

A 45 min, 100 BPM, Hip-hop,R&B running mix by DJ Wonderbread. #running #music #rockmyrun

A 60 min, 130 BPM, House,Pop,Hip-hop running mix by DJ Little Fever. #running #music #rockmyrun

A 30 min, 90 to 128 BPM, Rock,Pop,Hip-hop running mix by DJ Riggz. #running #music #rockmyrun

A 40 min, Varies BPM, Rock,Pop,Hip-hop,80s running mix by DJ Marc Thrasher. #running #music #rockmyrun

Old School Fun Run Volume 1 a 42 min, Varies BPM, Rock,Pop,Hip-hop,80s,90s,R&B running mix by DJ Kaos. #running #music #rockmyrun

This fantastic mix of funky, hip hop favorites will get your heart grooving and feet moving for 60 minutes building from 105 to 155 bpm. #running #music

This 70 minute Rap and Hip-Hop mix is no joke! Eminem, Tupac, 50 Cent, Big Punisher, and more all mean business when they come together with their grills and gold chains. #runningmusic

'Going the Distance' is 30 minutes of hip-hop running music, mixed by DJ Mike Czech.