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A great resource for teaching kids the difference between telling or tattling. Love it!

Telling vs Tattling

classroom chart what to ask yourself instead of saying I don't ...

Phrases kids can use instead of "I don't know." These sayings are helpful in encouraging a growth mindset in the classroom.

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The Behavior Alert shows the rules that were broken, and the students, as well as their parents, need to sign this. This is a great way for the parents to track their children's behavior and the teachers can also alert the parents if there are issues.

Telling Vs. Tattling Activity Pack What a great tool to help kids and adults during those young years

Telling Vs. Tattling Activity Pack

Telling Vs. Tattling Activity Pack Looks like an excellent social skills lesson! This is a link to purchase this handout.

Rude / Mean / Bullying: from Trudy Ludwig's website Prevent bullying now and in the future at http://www.fuzeus.com

Rude / Mean / Bullying: from Trudy Ludwig's website <--Still, there can be, for some kids, real trauma from "just" mean

End of the Day Jar- Questions Cards for Community Building

End of the Day Jar- Questions Cards for Community Building. Could also use this at the dinner table, have kids draw few questions out of the jar and talk as a family about it over dinner.

The Parts of a Listener

NEW: The Parts of a Listener. Great visual for Whole Body Listening! Goes with the Whole Body Listening Larry

Lorinda-Character Education: Be a Detective & Asking A ? Without Blame; Conflict Resolution 4 Immaturity jumps ahead and assigns blame. Learning to investigate and ask the right questions is a life skill.

Conflict Resolution: Asking Questions Without Blame.I think this is meant for parents when dealing with children, but somehow I think it would work well at my job too.


Ways Parents Can Help with Spelling . going to upload this onto my classroom website to give parents fresh ideas for spelling practice.