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Totally Terrific in Texas: Compliment Clips. Every time the class gets a compliment from another staff member or teacher my class receives another clip. Once they get 10, the get 10 extra minutes of recess.

Brownie Points - When the class gets a compliment from someone other than myself for good behavior they will earn a brownie for their pan. When the pan gets full of brownies the class gets real this!

Compliment Chain ~ A compliment chain to record the compliments we receive for walking in line and for our behavior in specials. The class receives one link for every compliment. When the chain hits the floor, they receive a reward. It is a very visual reminder of their excellent behavior!

Instead of having to carry around your attendance sheet to recess or fire drills, etc. stick the kids names on the back of your teacher name tag.

When the kids take a book from the basket they clip their name clothespin to the basket so they know where to put it away. Clever!

Easy and adorable No Name board. Clip papers that don't have names on them to the board and have students go check there instead of spending your time trying to figure out who they belong to!

Compliment Jar: I believe giving and receiving compliments is important in building our self-confidence and encouraging us to feel successful. In order to value the importance of compliments, we have a Compliment Jar. Whenever, our class receives a specific compliment from another adult in the school, we get a scoop of popcorn kernels that we add to our jar. Our goal is to get tons of compliments around the building, earning scoops to fill our jar. When our jar is full, we get a…

Next to that is another behavior management system..Tic Tac Toe..Show me You Know! I use it to reinforce rules and procedures and focus on a different one or two daily. For instance, Tic Tac Toe..Show me You Know how to sit on the rug correctly. If the kiddos can sit correctly for a certain amount of time, then they get to place an X or O. If not, I get to take a play. Kids win = extra recess...I win = minus a couple minutes of recess. They LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to beat Mrs. Kaldis.

Kids who have earned the most good behavior tickets throughout the week get to choose first from the Fun Friday board! Great idea.