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This Is What The Inside Of A Formula One Car Looks Like

A few months back Sauber F1 showed off an F1 car cut in half. That project took two years, but they didn't have the rights to show off the BMW drivetrain. Now they do. What Does An F1 Car Look Like Cut In Half? What Does An F1 Car Look Like Cut In Half? What Does An F1 Car Look Like Cut In Half? It ...
  • Ángel David Rodríguez

    Photo for #F1 lovers/ Foto para los amantes de la #F1 y de su tecnología

  • Sauber F1 Team

    Sauber F1 Team Cutaway F1 car! We cut a 2008 race car in half and show you how everything fits in. Download the full PDF here:

  • Sean Melchionda

    cross section of sauber f1car.

  • w ez

    aerodynamics formula 1 diagram - Google Search

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