Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

Pinner said: Paris in spring... No wonder La Vie En Rose is the staple song of Paris. It really does look like you're looking at the world through Rose Colored Glasses

paris matter where you look...there she is! La dame de fer

Winter in Paris


Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris France. My absolute favorite part of Paris was visiting this cathedral. I have a weakness for old architecture and stained glass windows. Visiting here was the third day in our two week college trip and I was on my way to coming down with pneumonia. Still, it was so worth it.

Square des Batignoles in the 17ème, Paris

Paris Notre Dame

Hehehe if You were dressed like this You would look so..... Mmmmm!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡

Notre Dame de Paris

Parisian Rooftops


Notre Dame De Paris - France

Louvre pyramid, Paris I

Spring in Paris


notre dame de paris, France

Paris, France - let's go now!!!

"C'est la vie ! " card - Paris style