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"And my mouth was stunned and my mind said, "I told you so." Then my mouth got mad 'cause no mouth likes to have its nose rubbed in it. Now my mind and my mouth aren't talking. It'll take weeks to get them together again."

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 77 Pics

It's moments like these that make me love Gilmore Girls all the more

Do we start at season one again Syd? For the sixth..or seventh time? Love this show.

I miss this show so much. It helped me discover other people speak in sarcasm as much as I do.

I never watched this show, but as mothers day is coming up, seeing this made me realize that this was true for me too. my mother is the person i looked up to growing up, and the person i most wanted to be like. and im not sure she ever knew that. I still look up to her to this day :) everyday i say or do something that makes me think " Jeez, that sounded just like my mother..." and i have to smile :)

Tina Vargo Here soon we need to have a Gilmore Girls binge and just watch a bunch of them!

Rory Gilmore wearing a white gown... It's deb ball time on Friday Night Dinner! We talk about how amazing they look on this week's podcast. fridaynightdinner...

i love me some Lorelei Gilmore :-)

Gilmore Girls...saying the things I have always wanted to say with witt and

Why didn't they listen? We could have used one more season please.....