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Greek Goddess Wedding Inspiration - Once Wed

She avoided it at all times in the castle. If here was a mirror, she avoided it. Her family knows, and they don't mention it. No one knows why she doesn't appear in mirrors. No one, except for her grandfather. And he was dead. Not to her, of course.

these are photos i find from various magazine sites, blogs, zines, etc. i do not take any of the photos myself. this blog is for me to post my favorite photos that i've been collecting over time. i do not follow or reblog anyone. enjoy!

65 New Romantic Long Bridal Wedding Hairstyles to Try

Ulyana Aster Romantic Long Bridal Wedding Hairstyles_21 ❤ See more:

I saw a different olive branch bouquet in a magazine that was less wild and had a gold ribbon on it and after that I really loved the idea of olive branches.