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  • Debra Richter-Silnicki

    The Comet moth (also known as the Madagascan moon moth) is one of the largest silk moths in the world and found only in Madagascar. This impressive Saturniidae species is similar to the Luna moth, but much larger. The males have extremely long tails, which can often reach up to 20cm. such a beauty :)

  • Berna Mutlu

    Madagascan moon moth / Yellow butterfly / sarı kelebek

  • Carol Skaggs

    the art of nature... a Madagascar Moon Moth (agrema mitterei)

  • Katherine Goard

    Comet moth.. another beautiful one of God's creations!! Just proves God has such a vivid imagination and brings them to life for our pleasure!

  • Jacqueline Mitchell

    COMET MOTH or MADAGASCAR MOON MOTH is an African moth, native to the rain forests of Madagascar. The male has a wingspan of twenty centimeters and a tail span of fifteen centimeters, making it one of the world’s largest silk moths. The female lays from 120-170 eggs, and after hatching the larvae feed on Eugenia and Weinmannia leaves for approximately two months before pupating. It's the only planet where we find these beauties.

  • BBC - Boracay Real Estate

    lBBC Boracay says:" Vist us at our Tree house place in Fern Vally near Boracay and we show you this unbelievable beautiful butterfly..."( long tailed yellow moon moth )

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Jehovah Gods imagination shown even in the butterfly, look at its colors and design

Mariposa 88 / The 88 Butterfly (Diaethria clymena) :: This butterfly is found in South America. On the upper side it is black with blue bands at the margins. The underside of the hind wing has a typical black-and-white pattern showing an "88" or "89". The underside of the forewing is red with black and white stripes near the tip. This butterfly lives in wet tropical forests, where it lives on rotting fruit and dung. It flies from March to November.