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ribbon flowers

Moonsand = 8 cups flour + 1 cup baby oil....

Kids play corner

How To Make a Pantyhose Tattoo. Would also work to make tattoo sleeves for the kids!

You Will Never Have This Day Again Mother Children Wooden Primitive Sign. Yes.

DIY Lace Crowns. How adorable!

You Are My Sunshine Footprint Art Grandparent Gift Idea :)

Upcycle kid clothes into an activity book. I had a book like this as a child. It kept me busy during church and I learned how to do buttons and laces from working with this book. I think it's a wonderful idea and I'm so glad I found it (again)!

DIY:: "Possibly the Most Glamorous Hobby Horse Ever"

Safe and Edible Glow Water for Baths and Play from Fun at Home with Kids

DIY Fabric Mark Horse blue horse creative diy easy crafts diy ideas diy crafts do it yourself crafty fabric easy diy diy tips diy sewing ideas diy sewing easy diy craft ideas diy tutorials craft gifts

Wooden spoon dolls

Homemade playpen for the little man :)

You can use old credit cards, cut to size. glue on scrapbook paper, pictures, stickers... add a layer of mod podge to seal.

team bacon

I saw a little girl playing with one of these in a restaurant for a long, long time! Her gramma brings it with her when she visits and changes it up everytime! Great idea!

Butterfly Wings. DIY w/ sheer fabric/curtain and permanent marker

5 Fun Tricks Every Parent Should Know

rag doll pattern


Multiplication the Fast Way! Tables of 6, 7, 8 and 9 in your hands ~I heard this trick on the radio and it saved my life. Since then I've taught it to many other kids. I passed such a bad time at school as I was the only one in my class who didn't know the tables so I hope this trick was useful for any parent or teacher who knew any child in this situation

So precious!

DIY tutu

You just never know when you'll need to make a superhero cape! :)