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    (Ileodictyon cibarium) Basket Fungus

    Fungus--I wonder how many hours these last.

    Forest Fungus

    Starfish Fungus

    basket fungus in new zealand

    glass fungus

    Red Cage Fungus

    bird's nest fungus

    Birds Nest Fungus

    This edible mushroom found scattered around roads or paths is more commonly known as the ‘Orange Peel Fungus’.

    nidulariaceae, aka bird's nest fungi. the little 'eggs' are the fungus seeding.


    Earthstar fungus releasing spores. Always tripping over these things and freaking myself out.


    Beautiful blue fungus

    The incredible "bleeding" mushroom - The juice it secretes contains a pigment called atromentin which has been discovered as having anticoagulant properties similar to heparin. Scientists have also discovered the fungus contains antibiotic properties, effective against streptococcus pneumoniae. The mushroom can also be dried and transformed into a plant based dye for cloth, producing an earthy beige color.'

    The "wrinkled peach" fungus, species Rhodotus palmatus


    Some kind of blue cup fungus

    Bleeding Tooth Fungus Hydnellum peckii