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You will either love Dave Eggers and his writing style, or hate him immediately. I've met very few people that fall in between. Let me say that I fall on the "love" side of the line. This is the beautiful story, er... fiction... er... real life... errr... story of the passing of both of his parents, raising his younger brother, Toph, and starting his career. Peppered with humour, self-deprecation, and ego, you will laugh and cry right along with them. Pick up a paperback on Amazon…

A beautifully frightening book, wonderful writing and explorative typography. House of Leaves is the story of a house that measures larger on the inside than the outside, and all of the tribulations that come along with such a thing. Mark Danielewski is the brother of singing artist, Poe, who made her album Haunted as an accompanying piece to this book. Both the book and the album are their methods for working through the death of their father. Pick up the book on Amazon starting at…

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot: #Books #Rebecca_Skloot #The_Immortal_Life of Henrietta_Lacks


Roald Dahl's Book of Ghost Stories

Looking for some really good scary stories to read to the kids this Halloween? Here are some excellent children's book with a spooky theme. Ghostly stories that won't frighten them to death!

Perhaps the most stunning work of 'vampire fiction' ever written. Some argue that this started the trend. This ain't your daughter's Twilight. There's blood. No one sparkles. People die. The character development is stunning, and you will feel sympathy for even the *most* unsympathetic characters. Set in Stockholm, it is cold, icy, dark, and minimal. For anyone who has seen the foreign film version of this, know that the movie does a wonderful job of creating the mood of the story…


The Thin Place

If you like Fiction + Gorgeous Prose + Stunning Plot || Life in a New England town is seen through the eyes of a few young girls, one of whom has the ability to bring the dead back to life.

Never read it before! Decided it's time to join a book club and this is the pick for the August meetup.