Idea for an ornament for our Christmas tree this year!

Paint brush Santa ornaments. Could even put a name on it in glitter.



Santa and Snowman Clothespins.

Crayon Ornaments

Melted Crayon Ornaments! Take the top off, drop in bits of crayon (colors mix to make other colors), top back on and hold, Use hair dryer heat to the crayons until they begin to melt, & swirl.

Snowman Hat (coffee can filled w/goodies & gifts) that is just too darn CUTE!!!!!

Wood Block Snowman Ornament

Wooden cork grape bunch christmas tree ornaments (set of-11 Main AND these you MUST make!!! For both of us :)

Reindeer Ornament


Too cute!

Christmas ornaments

Tealight Candle Made into an Ornament

so cute!

Santa paintbrush ornament

2016/04/08 Steampunk Christmas ornament - Steampunk cork ornament - Hand painted ornament - Victorian Ornament - One of a kind