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Urban Survival Sitefrom Urban Survival Site

4 Tips to Stop Someone From Bleeding To Death

You've seen in the movies where people put pressure on wounds or make tourniquets, but how does this work? Here's how to stop the bleeding.


A State-by-State Guide to the 50 Coolest Things in America

A State-by-State Guide to the 50 Coolest Things in America

The Blonde Abroadfrom The Blonde Abroad

The Ultimate Guide to Driving Iceland's Golden Circle

Iceland is a country that is becoming an increasingly popular destination for people who are looking for different and diverse experiences. Whether you have a stopover in Iceland on a flight from North America to Europe, or spend two weeks in this beautiful country, there is certainly no shortage of attractions and interesting experiences that you can enjoy. #Iceland #GoldenCircle

No-one talks about it but we all get parent rage. Here are five ways you can plan for anger with your kids. Next time you are about to blow, stop anger in its tracks. Click to read the article. in full.


How I stopped being stressed out over my blog and started making more money as an online entrepreneur

Being a blogger or entrepreneur is hard work. I know that you have a ton of tasks to complete each day and even your most productive days can make you stressed out. I've put systems in place so that I can stop being overwhelmed and stressed with my blog and business and instead- start making money passively. Click through to find out how I do it (because you certainly can too)

Principles of Increasefrom Principles of Increase

How I Make $24,000 a Month Online with Gina Horkey- It's Not What You Think

In this podcast, Gina Horkey from Horkey Handbook stopped by to discuss her most recent blog income report and how she made over $24,000 from blogging in ONE month. She's discussing how she make money and earns a living online.

Eclectic Landscape/Yard. I write, illustrate, blog, wicked DIYer, photo ninja, mastering the theory less is more, all chatter about a great product. and sharing my social media vintage soul with the world. Make sure to visit my website for all latest news, books and events, stop by my blog and subscribe today. Please remember my Pinterest site is family friendly.

SellfishCatfrom SellfishCat

Hands on Top Attention Getter

In order to establish control before beginning instruction, students need a way to stop what they are doing so they can listen out for instruction. I envision myself using different strategies, such as having students stop and put their hands on their head, clapping patterns with my hands, and counting down from five to establish control of the class before I begin instruction. This will manage the classroom by making instructions clear and saving time by not having to repeat directions.

Lauren Greutmanfrom Lauren Greutman

How to make extra money at home with survey sites

Are you wondering how to make extra money at home? Here are 10 reputable at home survery companies that are perfect for stay at home moms!

Logical consequences are a great way for to stop negative behaviors in the classroom. This freebie is part of a blog post on How to Improve Classroom Management by Doing LESS! - Young Teacher Love by Kristine Nannini

Aileen Barkerfrom Aileen Barker

How to Use Paypal to Send Clients Professional Invoices

Step by step tutorial included! How to use Paypal to send your clients professional, branded invoices! The almost free (no subscription fee) way for freelancers, designers, entrepreneurs, etc. to send invoices and get paid by clients.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Reinventing Yourself by James Altucher from "Choose Yourself"


The Joy and Sorrows on

"It shouldn't matter how slowly a child learns as long as we are encouraging them not to stop."- Robert John Meehan

"My birthday was here and we'd made plans to take our first walk together since Tanner's accident. I got ready and headed to his house to pick him up (he looked so handsome). Then we got to the park I helped him get into his wheelchair and we started on our way. We were talking about good memories and how we'd come to this park last year for my birthday too. I'd wanted to carve our names into this special "couples tree" but we didn't have anything to carve with. When we came upon the tree…

Horkey HandBookfrom Horkey HandBook

50 Quick Freelancing Tasks to Grow Your Business in 15 Minutes or Less - Horkey HandBook -

50 Ways to Grow Your Business When You Only Have 15 Minutes


Blog Traffic E-book: 17 Strategies I Used to Go From 17K to 350K+ Page Views in 9 Months -

Such a fantastic read that I became an #affiliate. -> Blog Traffic E-book: 17 Strategies I Used to Go From 17K to 350K+ Page Views in 9 Months


The Essential Yellowstone Itinerary

If you are planning a trip to Yellowstone National Park, make sure you bring this with you! See all the best sights and learn the tips and tricks to avoiding the crowds, written by a former park ranger!