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  • Alyssa Preciado

    AMEN! My kids ALWAYS want my crappy wieght watcher sundaes.

  • Trish DeRidder

    Lol! I have to admit, I have done this....only in the bathroom, not the closet!! :D

  • Danielle Cleveland

    I've hidden in closets, bathrooms, behind cupboard doors, snuck it to bed in my pocket. Yes.

  • Dawn Wilson

    So many times when my kids were older, I would get in the car and... "go to the store. I will be right back"... and I would just sit in the car eating my candy bar!

  • Amber Kempter

    Or hid Lucky Charms on top of the refrigerator for the same reason. Or waited for the kids to go to bed so you could inhale a gallon of ice cream.

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