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It's time to head a little north for a dose of Toronto history. Given the manner in which the city developed up from Lake Ontario, it's understandable that there aren't as many historical photos of areas above Bloor Street, but that's not to say that they escape documentation altogether. A...

Ricoh Coliseum under construction in 1921. Back then it was known as the Civic Arena and then The Coliseum.

Toronto Freakshow 1910s. The Congress of Fat People? Hard to believe obesity used to be a "freak" quality. 'Murica.

What Sunnyside looked like before the Gardiner arrived Opened in 1922 (the name predates the amusent park), some landmarks from Sunnyside's early days remain — the Bathing Pavilion chief among them — but with the arrival of the Gardiner Expressway in the 1950s, the so-called "poor man's Riviera" was confined to memory.