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    SO GOOD TO KNOW! How to Clean Your Gross Plastic Containers 1. Fill almost to the top with water and a squirt of dish soap 2. Add 1/4 cup of bleach 3. Microwave the container for 40 seconds, or until the solution is boiling 4. Allow to rest until the water is lukewarm 5. Wash out your container and it is as good as new!

    Remove scratches from dishes

    OMG, this really works wonderfully. I will never again pass up a cast iron item at the second hand store, because now i can clean it like brand new...Ideas like this is why I love Pinterest!!!

    How to Make Ugly Stained Cutting Boards WHITE Again!

    Cleaning BBQ Grills the Magic Way...put your grill grate into a trashbag full of amonia. Tie tighlty (since the amonia fumes is what cleans the grate)set out in sun for a day. Open bag away from face, while wearing gloves and dump amonia down sink (preferably garage sink or well ventalated sink) and Voila! Clean grill

    How to remove all writing off plastic containers to then use as storage or gift containers!

    pinner said "So I cleaned my tub as I would normally would. Then I cleaned it as directed on pin and wow u could still see all the grime come off as I cleaned it this way. I know how to clean my tub now. Stocking up on vinegar."

    Ever wondered what to do with those empty Crystal Light containers?

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    Recollections™ Mobile Storage Tower 15 3/4" x 15 3/4" x 32 1/4" (finished size)

    How to wash and whiten yellowed pillows. Did this today and its like we have new pillows! I have washed our pillows many times before, but they have never come out looking like new again!

    Cleaning Greasy Oven Filters: Fill your biggest pot with water and bring it to a boil. Add 1/2C of baking soda VERY SLOWLY! (about a Tbs at a time because it fizzes) Then take your caked-with-grease filter and submerge it in the pot. (Well, 1/2 of it anyway.) Boil several minutes. Rinse until water runs clear.

    how to remove ink from plastic containers so you can reuse them, cleaning tips, repurposing upcycling

    Simply ingenious idea for making bobbin covers - no more spiderwebs of thread.

    Food Storage - Seal plastic bags with aluminum foil and an iron

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    Homemade jewelry cleaning solution.

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    Never ending dryer sheets. 1 Container with an airtight lid 4 sponges cut in half 1 cup of your favorite fabric softener 2 cups water WHAT TO DO: Mix the water and fabric softener into a plastic container. Add the sponges so they can soak in the mixture. To use, squeeze the excess liquid from 1 sponge and place into the dryer. Place sponge back into the container of liquid