There are no words to describe how geeky and how meant for me these are! Spiderman High Heel Pumps. $85.00, via Etsy.

High heels


Batman The Dark Knight High Heel Pumps by DeckoFab on Etsy, $85.00. because yes

high heels

Nude High Heels ♥

X Men high heels. I want!

high heels & stilettos

HERSTAR™ Women's Baseball High Heel (baseball high heels, baseball shoes, baseball womens apparel) | Novelty Heels | HERSTAR

Power Puff Girl High Heel Pumps by DeckoFab on Etsy, $85.00

Leopard High Heels hand painted in black and silver with Swarovski Crystals on Etsy, $300.00

Wonder Woman High Heels Etsy, $85.00

Pink Ribbon High Heels :,( much love to all lost ones..

High Heel Shoes Cream Jigsaw Design Hand Painted by THEOMGSHOES, £70.00


High heels

High heels

@Katie Wennell -- hum maybe these instead of blue for the wedding? Avengers Comic book Big Heels by FaithisFabulous on Etsy, $85.00

Sexy Cross Strap High Heeled Shoes