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You are looking at an intriguing picture of Carved Posts Alert Bay. It was taken in 1914 by Edward S. Curtis. The picture presents Two totem poles in front of a wood frame house in the Nimkish (Namgis) village Yilis (Yalis) , on Cormorant Island. Totem pole depicts an eagle representing the owner's paternal crest and a grizzly bear symbolizing the maternal one. We have created this collection of pictures primarily to serve as an easy to access educational tool.

Native American Totem Poles | Animal Totem Pole / Flickr - Photo ...

totem pole of chief Tony Hunt Kwakiutl ... top to bottom: the raven animal emblem of the Hunt family, Sisutl the serpent with two heads & character raising his hands in welcome, with head object shield-shaped

Northwest Indian Carving, I grew up seeing these around.

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totem poles.....a lot of pride taken with carving.......

A traditional pole carved by Bradley Hunt in Sechelt BC. #exploreBC. Photo: Flickr via maplemusketeer

Frog Pole (Tlingit) by Hastiin Tilden, via Flickr

"This amazing totem was on somebody’s front yard in Ketchikan, Alaska, right behind their parking spot. It’s beautiful, I love the character this bird has. I like the fact they are living art – carved wood standing out in the open, changing constantly due to weathering. They never were made to be hidden away in museums, presided over by people in white coats – they are for the people, and of the people." Matthew Wild

Spark and provoke discussion around portrayals of FNMI peoples. From whose perspective are we seeing this image? What is the point of view? Totem Pole by will Joudrey, via Flickr

Wee-Git Releasing the Light Totem PoleLyle WilsonHaisla Carved red cedar