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    Native American Totem Poles | Animal Totem Pole / Flickr - Photo ...

    totem pole of chief Tony Hunt Kwakiutl ... top to bottom: the raven animal emblem of the Hunt family, Sisutl the serpent with two heads & character raising his hands in welcome, with head object shield-shaped

    Totem poles symbolize the relationship between humanity and nature.

    native american totampole animal symbols and meanings | The Thunder Bird: The Thunder Bird Totem Pole

    Pair of Northwest Coast Carved and Painted Tlingit Totem Poles Sold for $10,665

    ThunderBirdandKillerWhaleTotemPole.jpg : 700692 bytes, created: June 26 2011 15:39:58., modified: February 23 2010 12:31:03., accessed: June 26 2011 15:39:58.

    Northwest Indian Carving, I grew up seeing these around.

    totem poles.....a lot of pride taken with carving.......

    A traditional pole carved by Bradley Hunt in Sechelt BC. #exploreBC. Photo: Flickr via maplemusketeer

    Totem Pole by will Joudrey / more totem poles - Native Americans Totem Poles

    "This amazing totem was on somebody’s front yard in Ketchikan, Alaska, right behind their parking spot. It’s beautiful, I love the character this bird has. I like the fact they are living art – carved wood standing out in the open, changing constantly due to weathering. They never were made to be hidden away in museums, presided over by people in white coats – they are for the people, and of the people." Matthew Wild