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Art Use green, yellow, and red colored cups for group work. When a table gets too loud, change the cup to yellow. If the table continues to be too loud, the cup gets changed to red; this means a loss of group time. Students now have to do their work independently and silently. classroom-behavior-management-ideas

My visual is displayed at the front of my classroom on my white board. I just took a strand of jute and wrapped it around 3 magnets. I have 5 tables in my classroom, so I clipped 5 clothespins to the strand. Each clothespin is labeled with my classroom table numbers. Then I made some little reward coupons, tucked one into the sock, and when I catch my friends “knockin’ my socks off”, I move the coupon filled sock to that table’s clothespin.


Give your students a fun way to tell you about their year in art class! There are 3 different sheet design choices. On all of the sheets, students will be asked to change a cartoon to look like them. Learn more about your student's experience and help them share it with their parents.

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