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DIY Disinfecting Citrus Mint Hand Sanitizer + 2 More Kid-Friendly Essential Oil Blends

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Hand Sanitizer

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DIY Hand Sanitizer

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Essential Oils: #Bergamot #essential #oils

Homemade hand sanitizer!

Essential oils

Homemade Hand Sanitizer.

Home Made Bug repellent 1)essential oils: *citronella *lemongrass are musts, also lavender & tea tree oil or geranium oil for tick protection can be used. *14 oz. bottle of witch hazel (available in grocery stores & pharmacies usually close to the rubbing alcohol), *a spray bottle (or two–one for home and one for the diaper bag/car), *a jar for mixing, and a funnel.

Or add essential oils to make your own aromatherapy bath salts.

Zits Away ~ An acne blend for a clear complexion 10 drops lavender 10 drops melaleuca 2 oz. spray bottle and fill with Witch Hazel

DIY Essential Oils Hand Sanitizer Spray

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