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  • Kassandra Meyer

    I own a pitbull and he is the most loyal, sweet, loving dog in the world. He is sensitive and is visibly sad when his feelings are hurt. He loves every visitor and has hospitality skills that Jesus would be proud of. He has energy for days and the warmth of the sun and is a bed hog and always wants to cuddle. Perfect! @Missouri Pit Bull Rescue

  • Sarah Kamps

    why judge them? they don't judge us. im on a roll with this sad dog stuff today!

  • Buddy2Blogger

    Please do not believe in the media hype. Pit Bulls and other bully breed have some of the best temperaments among all dogs. Adopt one and learn the truth.

  • Darcy

    My 'grand-dog' is a pit bull and the sweetest, most gentle animal I've ever been around!!!

  • Ashley Sobon

    love doggies

  • Brittany Sterk

    just say no to breed DISCRIMINATION! #animals #adopt #cats #dogs #puppies #kittens #shelters #awareness #abuse #animalawareness #homeless #pets #foster #homes

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