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    La anémona de mar: el depredador disfrazado de flor

    Y debajo del hielo de la Antártida: Un buzo, una medusa y cuidado... ¡una anémona! En este hermoso video de abajo, además con buena música, los buzos del Programa Antártico de los Estados Unidos, Henry Kaiser y Rob Robbins, grabaron a una encantadora medusa buceando en Razorback Little Island
    • Elizabeth Guy

      Zebra-striped Gorgonian Wrapper (Nemanthus annamensis), a type of colonial anemone : photo by Nick Hobgood, 2005 @Sarina Wiltshire Martinez Did you know there were Zebra Anemone?? They must be rare or you'd already have one!

    • Linda Schreier Tepper

      Zebra striped Gorgonian wrapper, colonial anemone. Nemanthus annamensis

    • Nancy Young

      alien sea creatures

    • Me Judy Design

      ZEBRA-STRIPED GORGONIAN WRAPPER (Nemanthus annamensis) - sea life pattern & texture

    • Becky DeCoite

      Zebra Anemone (Nemanthus annamensis). Each stinging organelle (nematocyst) of the sea anemone consists of a small vesicle filled with toxins, an inner filament, and an external sensory hair. When the hair is touched it mechanically triggers the cell explosion, a harpoon-like structure which attaches to organisms that trigger it, and injects a dose of poison in the flesh of the aggressor or prey. Nick Hobgood on Flickr, Info

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