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  • Dandy Mariella

    A Zebra striped Gorgonian Wrapper (Nemanthus annamensis), a sea anemone

  • Suzanne Bär

    stunning sea creature

  • May Winborne-Rice

    ichthyologist: Zebra Anemone (Nemanthus annamensis) Each stinging organelle (nematocyst) of the sea anemone consists of a small vesicle filled with toxins, an inner filament, and an external sensory hair. When the hair is touched it mechanically triggers the cell explosion, a harpoon-like structure which attaches to organisms that trigger it, and injects a dose of poison in the flesh of the aggressor or prey. Nick Hobgood on Flickr, Info

  • Me Judy Design

    ZEBRA-STRIPED GORGONIAN WRAPPER (Nemanthus annamensis) - sea life pattern & texture

  • Elizabeth Guy

    Zebra-striped Gorgonian Wrapper (Nemanthus annamensis), a type of colonial anemone : photo by Nick Hobgood, 2005 @Sarina Wiltshire Martinez Did you know there were Zebra Anemone?? They must be rare or you'd already have one!

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La anémona de mar: el depredador disfrazado de flor - Sea Anemones: The Predator Disguised as a Flower

Caballito de mar ::: Observa que el cruzamiento de la especie marina y de la terrestre da hermosísimas crías y menciona un potrillo de pelo oscuro, «con manchas blancas como piezas de plata».

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Red Rose Anemones, Carmel, California These are sea anenomies in Carmel Bay, California. Photograph by: Vance Taitano

Pink Sea Anemones - Sea anemones are, for the most part, sessile creatures which means they remain attached to one spot. But if conditions grow inhospitable, sea anemones can detach from their home and swim off in search of a more suitable location. They can also slowly glide on their pedal disc and can even crawl on their side or by using their tentacles.

Pink anenome, pink 'material-looking band at top and pink tendrils from below.

El espectacular fondo submarino del Parque Nacional de Mu Ko Surin, Tailandia Las cálidas aguas del mar de Andamán hacen que la costa tailandesa sea ideal para inspeccionar el fondo marino por su gran riqueza y belleza natural. El Parque Nacional Marino de Mu Ko Surin delimita la mayor barrera de coral del país, con 33.000 acres, que junto a los parques de Ao Phang-nga y Mu Ko Similan conforma uno de los paraísos submarinos más ricos y esplendorosos del planeta.

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Pink fluorescent anemone with a Red Sea Anemone fish @ 30m depth in Woodhouse Reef, Tiran(Sharm El Sheikh), Egypt. This photo is shot with a magic filter without the use of strobes. If the same shot was done with strobes the original color of the anemone would have been replaced with a brownish/yellow while it would be possible to capture the fish in better quality.