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Picture of a funny message from mom. Ya think she's serious??!! lol

Should You Skip Class Today?

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A kid in Austin, Texas, became an Internet sensation when he wrote a letter to a local meteorologist. Flint sent a wonderfully imaginative note to KVUE-TV’s Albert Ramon, thanking the weatherman for visiting his fourth grade class. The note was mailed along with 30 other letters from kids in the same class.

The only time anyone actually went through with turning around and going back home

The real story behind (or under) the Easter Isle Heads! Tim Whitlow (thought you might get a kick out of it)

Unhappy Meal. ~ McDonalds certainly doesn't use this picture to promote their campaign of unhealthy cuisines! Ha! If you could call then cuisines. Blech!

lol. Julie Wright, this one is funny and not too inappropriate for a weddin'.