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Why do I so love glitter and sparkle? It is the magic in the light. I am always drawn to the light! Christie says ditto that

"In 1923 the Greeks living in Kayakoy, Turkey departed after a population exchange between the Greek and Turkish governments was mandated, leaving it an abandoned village. Some two million families, Greek Christians and Turkish Moslems alike, were uprooted from the homes and the country they had lived in, many for generations. Today some 500 original homes remain in Kayakoy, all now in ruins."

Plants encroach on the ruins of a subterranean mosque in the Tamansari, a park built by the first Muslim sultan of Yogyakarta. The city was the royal capital of Java. The World Monument Fund and the people of Yogykarta are now working together to restore this treasure.

The decaying Poltalloch House - Built in 1853, this once grand Scottish estate fell into ruins in the 1950s when the owners dismantled the roof to avoid paying heavy taxes. Today its walls stand amongst brambles and vines, ravished by the elements as well as nature -- yet it still retains a quiet dignity. Photo from Casa Vogue, a supplement from the Oct '07 issue of Italian Vogue

My favorite kind of forest pond... Mossy, green, vibrant, lush, with dappled sunlight.


Reclaimed by Nature ~ Ruins

Ruin by Flemming Beier Photography)

Erosion of grandeur

I love the quality of light in Jean-Marie Poumeyrol's art - even in his weird stuff. #weirdStuff #weirdPeople #weirdThings

Ancient Castle,  Walbrzych, Poland photo

nature takes it back.

Bannerman's, Pollepel Island

In ruins: Wyndclyffe mansion in Rhinebeck, NY, has been abandoned for over half a century. What a shame. It was built in 1853 for Elizabeth Schermerhorn Jones, a relative by marriage to the wealthy Astor Family. The phrase "Keeping up with the Jones' " supposedly originated from her as the Hudson River Valley estates were being developed in the 19th century.

Stone stairway in autumn.

Tower Bridge, London

30 of the most beautiful abandoned places and modern ruins i’ve ever seen