How to grow healthy hydrangeas

How to Turn Hydrangeas Pink or Blue | In My Own Style

Mix equal parts sugar and epsom salt. Add a tsp to each hole you plant. Makes plants grow larger and greener.

For back fence...Limelight hydrangeas. They grow up to 8 ft tall, can grow in full sun or shade and can tolerate dry soil. Beautiful!

5. There are some plants that give off a scent that repels those bugs and keeps them away from your precious produce. Such plants – like marigolds and the borage herb plant – are very effective at keeping those pests away from your tomato plants. Plant them nearby and watch your tomato plants grow to be healthy and robust.

HYDRANGEAS� Remember to do this in late July or August�to root branches and grow more hydrangeas!

Peonies are a favorite of many gardeners. Here are some tips for planting and growing them.

Multi-color butterfly bush.

Plant Cover: Pop-Up Grow Bag Accelerator |

5 Tips for Growing Gorgeous Hydrangeas

How to Grow Hydrangeas From Cuttings - hoping to snag some from my dad. :)

For your garden Globe amaranth- gomphrena, Qis Mix grows easily and prolifically, great for cutting.

Hydrangea starts from cuttings. Put cuttings in water for an hour. Cut the top and the ends of the leaves. Pot cuttting. Put sticks taller than plant and cover with a ziploc bag making sure the bag is. - #gardening #flowers

This guide is about growing peonies. These hardy perennials come in a variety of colors and produce beautiful flowers year after year.

Snowball Bush - Grandmother had so many of these. I love them!

Plumbago - so pretty & cheerful - thrives in the hot Texas summer. Disease- pest- and deer-resistant. Can grow into a large bush, and also can be trained to grow on a trellis.

Colorful garden in a day ~ plant list included


Growing your own cilantro can be a bit tricky, but with attention and care you'll be harvesting this wonderful herb and using it in your own cuisine.

Hydrangea: How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Hydrangea Shrubs. Smooth Hydrangeas are best for the Wyoming climate. I want them in front of our house instead of the lilac trees which look messy. Or I could plant them in the back which is more likely to happen.

How to grow Hydrangeas in Pots: These beautiful, shade-loving shrubs also thrive in pots. Get planting and growing tips, plus find the best hydrangea varieties for pots.