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aww! lol...this for my Lindsey Lindsey Grande Grande Grande Grande Compton Submitted by: Unknown (via Pleated Jeans) Tagged: water , swimming , scared , funny Share on Facebook

this is what the underneath view of a cat looks like, just in case anyone was wondering.

In all seriousness, the book below the cat is an amazing book. I would definitely recommend!

Meet the World's First Dog with Four Prosthetic Legs

yeah... one downside of the ocean... which is why i like to swim when there's no seaweed (better chance of seeing what's around you).

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Minecraft Dogs Are Here (and they're going to eat you in your sleep)

That should be in the special skills department! #dogs #pets #Huskies

I think he really is saying this.... Look at his face... It's like he knows he's filthy... But wants you to give him his 100th chance... I've saw that face before. :I