Irish mythology, the Morrigan ("phantom queen") was a war goddess who would sometimes take the form of a crow. She would fly over battlefields like this, inspiring fear in the hearts of those below.


Walk me home by light of sleep and mist of dream. Fog of head to guide me through the waters of Insanity's doorway.

Night of the witch.

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The dance (Photographer: Norman Rich). Aerial acrobatics, demonstrations of intelligence, and ability to provide food are key behaviors of courting. ALSO HENRIETTA RAVENS

Viking Raven Art | raven dark

Quoth the raven, "Nevermore. Several prints in this feel scattered around make great party decor.

ominousraincloud:365#150 | By Pablo Castro Fernández

“She walked quickly through the darkness with the stride of someone who was at least certain that the forest, on this damp and windy night, contained strange and terrible things, and she was it.” ― Wyrd Sisters Photo by Pablo Castro Fernández

“Now’s the time to tell me the truth, Aya.”  He spoke softly, each word tickling my neck.  “Don’t lie to me again.” ~Medusa's Dagger by J.J. Fitch

this would make a beautiful tattoo flying from my hips going forward toward my ribs.

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Raven Rendezvous RAVENS So smart. Watch the PBS program about testing them. They think through things, use tools, and can recognize facial expressions and remember humans.

The Ancient Ways..

redlipstickresurrected: “Kyle Cooper and his company Prologue - Film Still from Opening of American Horror Story, Coven, Third Season, 2013 ”