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foto foto!

"Belle Starr" and "Coyote" were the names chosen for this oxidized metal Western edition of La Sardina.Inspired by the common shape of the fish tin cans, La Sardina plastic edition cameras are packed in on a cardboard box simulating the classic fish mar…

Great cool mint colored Girl Scout camera. Mine was brown, since it was a brownie. I like this one alot! Get them together and get a yummy Thin Mint cookie!

Mint Green 1957 Official Girl Scout Camera (would love to add this to my vintage camera collection)

Instagram Socialmatic camera

If this is real, then I would definitely buy one. I'm not really into photography so a camera with post-processing features is a must-have for me. It can also print photos instantly which makes it more awesome.

роутер спрятанный в обложке из под книги

so brilliant.While I hate to destroy a book, I thinkdislike looking at my router more. How To Make a Book Cover Disguise For Your Wireless Router

movement #wood

texture love / texture inspo / feathers / line art / shapes / colours / colour inspo / studio / wood / aged wood / aged patina

Brownie camera

I want this one to go with the other I just pinned that looked like a secret camera lunch box.this is the secret camera thermos.

tenga en cuenta a la libre

An entry from note to self

Lomography Mini Diana Evelyn Camera

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alpa 12 TC - sem preço

Beautiful ALPA 12 TC camera does large-format

This is coool, I love that there are so many different types of cameras that do their own thing. 'ALPA 12 TC camera operates as a roll-film or 60 MP digital camera'

Steam Punk camera: 16 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

Not sure how to call it - camera, thing or something else, but it looks awesome