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Willow the Owl and Merlin the Dog often go on walks together at the Pen y Bryn Falconry center in North Wales. They are the best of friends.

“They are inseparable. People always stop and smile when they see them going by,” said Lorwi Peacock, Willow’s handler. " Willow particularly loves to sit on Merlin’s back with her wings outstretched as he goes for a run. Luckily, Merlin doesn’t seem to be bothered by his small feathered passenger one bit!"

An Orphaned Orangutan and a stray dog find each other at a Zoo's Animal Treatment Center. Both were lonely and depressed. Now they are inseparable and best friends.

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30 Unlikely Animal Friendships

The mynah bird and the dog. The pair are so inseparable their owner has built a perch so the bird can ride around on the dog's back. Owner Qiao Yu says the animals became best friends after being kept in the same room together at his home in Jinan, in northern China's Shandong Province. He says the dog starts barking if anyone tries to approach the mynah. The mynah returns the favour by catching fleas on the dog and combing its hair while it sleeps. Love is love.