Witch Costume

Adult Tulle Skirt for tooth fairy, fairy godmother, etc, costume

adult tutu, long tutu, floor length skirt, wide satin sash, plum, coffee or barely pink colored tulle -not black. $150.00, via Etsy.

@Hannah Bradley THis is AWESOME and very much like the witch in Sleepy Hollow! samhain, costume

This is a DIY adult tutu: I took 40 yards of tulle and cut 4 inch wide by 80 inch long sections. Double and loop each section over a ribbon. (I used a black velvet ribbon.) Voila! Adult tutu!

DIY witch shoe...tutorial

Pretty awesome.

Floaty black hooded witch cape.

Witchs costume...purchase old wedding dress at thrift store and dye black...easy and cheap!

Witch Doctor & Voodoo Doll Halloween Costume | Costume_Works


witch eyes!

SO many costume ideas!

The Witch is in!!

cute tutu witch costume

witch shoe love this!

Toddlers and Tiaras halloween costumes

Tutu Witch

Halloween. An old pair of shoes and socks under a black table cloth. So cute.

Wicked Tutus - Halloween costume DIY in book "Witch Craft"

Queen of Hearts Adult Boutique Tutu Skirt by CutiePatootieTutus, $75.00