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    Cool! "Soft Rockers" are solar-powered lounging chairs that recharge your electronics.

    • eric

      mmtki: “d1sazt3rmast3r: “ amroyounes: “ Industrial design ideas Part II ” why isn’t technology mainstream? ” 2013-08-31 ”

    • Nathan Furneaux Pile

      Earlier pinner's caption explains this perfectly, "Cool! "Soft Rockers" are solar-powered lounging chairs that recharge your electronics." [I love the shape and solar powered feature. ;) Mo] #furniture

    • Krystal Hasiak

      Neat idea, though I think about all the bodies sharing these...egh... | "Soft Rockers" are solar-powered lounging chairs that recharge your electronics.

    • Joe Laden

      Cool! "Soft Rockers" are solar-powered lounging chairs that recharge your electronics. #gadgets


      Cool Stuff We Like Here @ ------- << Original Comment >> ------- solar powered!

    • Mahum Qureshi

      This is a nice idea.. but why could'nt the design be prettier?? Solar Rocking Chair

    • Rebecca

      Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius It charges your phone and solarpowered!

    • Shirley Williamson

      Solar Powered Rocking Chair - what a great idea :-)

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    I love these!! some study areas need to put these in around campus with a little side table next to them!

    Good idea for public spaces.