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A kettlebell workout is a sure way to torch calories � and fast! This total body workout will get you squatting, pressing and pulling in functional ways that will enhance real life activities. Try doing these exercises with a Tabata interval timer (8 sets of 20 second sprints with 10 seconds rest in between) for a super fat-blasting routine.

So you killed leg day, but now you can't even walk to the bathroom without being in pain. Post-workout muscle soreness is both a good thing and a bad thing. It's a good thing because …

Get a full-body #workout in just 20-minutes with this fat-torching routine! | via @SparkPeople #fitness #exercise #cardio #strength #toning

great 20 min workout

20 minute workout with no equipment except yourself, and maybe some stairs! I can do this!

Cardio Kickboxing Workout to Burn Fat at Home - 25 Minute Kickboxing Cardio Interval Workout - YouTube

12-15 min quick high intensity workouts.

20 minute inner thigh workout for the best legs of your life!! #fitness #workout from

Hmm... Not sure if this is legal... Every workout video you could ever want online, including Insanity and 30 day shred. This is a golden pin.

10-Minute Full-Body Crossfit Workout I love this site bc they have lots of 10 minutes workouts, but do this routine twice for a 20 minute Tabata workout!

The Supercore Workout: 6 weeks to a transformed core

Inner thigh workout. all i need to do now is find something in my room that's the appropriate height

Blast away belly fat with this 10-Minute Workout. If you do this like 3 times a week you'll see a difference.

10 Minute Crossfit-- so hard! And who doesn't have ten minutes?

The Ultimate 30 Minute Cardio Pilates Workout Video --- When you combine Pilates, hand weights, and cardio, you get one wicked workout. And by wicked, we mean really fun and really effective.