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    • Michelle

      I am pinning this to be an apple polisher! =op "High School English - I like the idea of a lesson on commonly misspelled words. because they drive me nuts!"(High School English Teacher)

    • CAEL L

      Grammar lesson

    • Nancy German

      What we SHOULD have been taught in our senior year of high school: ENGLISH - The Oatmeal

    • First Last

      A quick English lesson from The Oatmeal.

    • Diane R

      Pet Peeve! It's not that hard to learn!

    • Berenice Zulauf

      From The Oatmeal comics: What we should have been taught our senior year in high school. This is too #funny commercial ads #funny ads #commercial ads #funny commercial #interesting ads|

    • Mel

      One of the best ways to remember lose vs loose! (from The Oatmeal's "What You Should Have Learned Your Senior Year in High School"

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    My new house????

    Yes this what I see

    Old ads.... If they only thought ahead

    A tree in Cambodia


    Love this companies ring designs

    So beautiful



    What we should have been taught in high school english - The Oatmeal


    so cute

    cool I love this color

    eweeee hope this is not real