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old ties = new joys

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Silk Scarf Ruffle Tie pink paisley hand by TiedToPerfectionNH

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Reuse for a tie - might do well on a dress

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470 735

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OrangeSpice- Autumn Fabric Necktie Necklace Unique Clothing Accessory, Hand Made Upcycled High Fashion Fall Accessory 100% Silk

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Blu Pixel- Unique Repurposed Necktie Art Accessory Statement Necklace /Trendy Collar with Velcro Closure

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Cute belt made from a man's neck tie

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00 Nov

Nov 15

This is cute! Tie necklace by ScarlettKaysedy on Etsy

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old ties.

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Great use for old ties.

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SALE Upcycled Mens Shirt Sleeve Wine Bottle Booze Bag Recycled-FREE Shipping USA by Velvet manna and Quail for Etsy. $12.00, via Etsy.

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a Refashionista wastes nothing: the diy pant leg bag

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Tutorial: Pants leg purse with a necktie strap

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I don't really have anyone who wears ties but if I did I would totally make this with their old ones...maybe my Grandpa.