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water wheel diagram

How To Build A Water-Wheel Generator

Hydroelectric Generator

Homemade Water Wheel Generator

The Homestead Survival | How To Build A Off Grid Energy Creating WATER WHEEL Project | http://thehomesteadsurvival.com

DIY, How to make your own Hydroelectric Generator

Two or more people can generate electricity from a recycled auto alternator using the treadle-powered generator. Photo courtesy of Pat Delany

Tesla Water Turbine - http://www.newvistaenergy.com/tesla-free-energy-generators/tesla-generator/tesla-water-turbine/

How to Build a Wind Generator for $150

How To Convert an Old Washing Machine Into a Water Powered Generator

Some of the most popular posts on K.W.N have been the ones about generating free energy and electricity; by far the most popular have been the numerous DIY solar power, solar heating and solar hot water posts. However, if your property has a suitable and...

How to Convert Water into Fuel by Building a DIY Oxyhydrogen Generator

DIY VAWT by GreenTerraFirma.com Vertical Wind Turbine Generator

This is a MUST READ for anyone seriously exploring solar, wind or hydroelectric power generation for emergency backup or complete off grid power generation! Learn to make your own DIY battery bank to compliment your energy harvesting and SAVE lots of money doing it! The best information out there on quality DIY battery banks!

EWICON bladeless wind turbine generates electricity using charged water droplets. Dutch researchers have developed the EWICON, a bladeless windmill with no moving parts that produces electricity by pushing charged water droplets into the wind

How to make your own Silver Colloid Generator

Top 33 Most Creative Camping DIY Projects and Clever Ideas - DIY & Crafts

Top 33 Most Creative Camping DIY Projects and Clever Ideas - DIY & Crafts

Make your water safe to drink, even while camping with this infographic. DIY water filter. Purifying water. Drinking water.

Water Storage Infographic

All You Need To Know About Water pumping windmills