Find yourself stuck for a creative mishloach manot idea this year for Purim? Here are 101 ideas for your shalach manos. A couple of good ones.

Mad Science Test Tube Favors. I love the decorated books! Credit: Christine at Pure Joy Events Blog.

Purim: Make your own Purim Groggers from Design Megilah. For more ideas, check out Everyday Simchas Pinterest Purim Board!

It is customary on the Jewish holiday of Purim for every family to give a food related gift basket to family and friends. I always try to be innovative and creative and keep my treats small and sw...

Purim: Made these for our Mishloach Manot last year. The recipients loved them! For more ideas check out Everyday Simchas Pinterest Purim Board!

Almond Milk & Cookies Mishloach Manot

Movie Night Mishloach Manot

Frugal & Creative Mishloach Manot Ideas

A Matzo House Adds a Fun and Tasty Treat to a Kids' Seder -

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Purim - so creative and easy! Would be great taped to front of pkg. or on table

Purim Creative Ideas for Purim Baskets, Mishloach Manot

great for purim!

5 Brand New DIY Mishloach Manot Ideas for #Purim Gifts

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Purim: Spirits are part of Purim. Traditionally, one should drink until he cannot differentiate between "Cursed is Haman and Blessed is Mordachai." What better way to get the party started than this simple, yet delightful Mishloach Manot?

Purim mishloach manot

For the Passover Seder table. What a neat idea! I want to use real Matzah instead of Matzah paper - same consistency right?

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Lemon strawberry sorbet

Individual seder baskets for each person!