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I like it! Boho Gypsy Style Long Tiered Ruffle Dyed Summer by Dreamy Dress.

RALPH LAUREN Gorg Green - using shearling not fur (Shearling is a sheepskin that has gone through a limited shearing process to obtain a uniform depth of the wool fibers for a uniform look and feel)

i will make up a reason to wear something like this!! oh coffee run?let me just throw something on lol

Ayao is a minor Orisha in the Lucumi/Santería pantheon. She is the Orisha of the Air. Ayao is considered to reside in both the forest and in the eye of the tornado. She works closely with Osain and is a fierce warrior. Ayao has among her implements a crossbow with a serpent, a quill and nine stones. She is commonly placed next to her sister, Oya or on the boveda. Her colors are brown and green.

Elie Saab - Spring Summer 2014. Beautiful!! But nowhere to wear it...

Looove this, only would love it more if it were an slightly below the knee so you could wear it to summer weddings! Gorgeous tho!