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  • La Maison de Puppy

    When everyone loved Petey, an American Staffordshire Terrier. Nice and nostalgic photo... #dog #puppy #pet #animal #dogLovers #AmericanStaffordshireTerrier

  • Tammy Stewart

    Petey from the Little Rascals, yep, was a Pit Bull. Pit bulls...It's not the's the people

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Vicious child attacks helpless pit bull! This just proves that a breed does not determine the attitude and ferociousness of an animal. It is the way they are breed and raised that determines that.

See? Pit bulls are not vicious, they were originally bred as "nanny dogs" to take care of children.

  • Brooke Kelley

    I love pit bulls they r the best dogs ever

  • Christie Finn

    Our blog is dedicated to saving pit bulls and changing all misconceptions about this wonderful, loving breed. We share and repost many dogs in shelters in need of homes. Our theory is the more we can get the word out there, the more we can save. Feel free to check us out. :)

Home is where our pit bulls are!

Help End BSL... learn the truth about pit bulls and bully breeds. On National Pit Bull Awareness Day visit your local shelter and meet a pit bull... enjoy their love and happy personalities.

Pit bull puppies in a bath tub

Do you know that Pit Bulls are, once upon a time, considered to be "Nanny" dogs to watch children? They are still extremely good with children. Too bad Media chooses to paint them as bad guys.

  • Hillary Caryll

    such a beautiful pitty. My sister has two and they are the most loyal and well trained dogs in our family (huge family that are major dog lovers!)

  • Kelli Brannigan

    I own 2 pitbull babies and will never own another bread of dog!

  • Debbie LG

    The media DOES NOT CHOOSE to make these dogs out to be monsters, it is the so-called men who dog fight and abuse the animals. Everybody is afraid of them. I think they are beautiful animals and they have the cutest babies, but I'm sorry to say, I wouldn't trust one around my baby. Sad. Men like Michael Vick who dog fight for money.

  • Lisa Sanford

    Newfoundlands are nannys. Nothing against outs

  • Lisa Sanford

    Pits but it was a newf that was nana in Peter Pan...

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You're welcome! #dogs #pets #PitBulls Do not rule out a pit bull because of their awful (and also false) reputation of being mean. They are only mean if they are raised mean.

Adopt A Pit Bull!🐾

Is it ok that I cried when I saw this? here to find out more

She fits every one of those descriptions. Except the fighting thing...that is only accurate to her fight after her accident and she came back.

A Pit Bull Mom-miss my baby girl. Sugar was the BEST dog a person could ever ask for.